SERVIQ Energy Services Limited is a servicing company, established in December, 2017 to serve clients in the oil, gas, power and infrastructure sectors of the economy.

SERVIQ Energy provides excellent steel fabrication, erection, civil works, maintenance, solar/inverter installation and equipment procurement services.

We have the vision to become Africa’s top choice for excellent products and service delivery. To achieve this, we have assembled a team of competent professionals across the industries we serve. Our people are highly experienced, intelligent individuals that are passionate about exceeding our clients’ requirements on every project.

SERVIQ Energy Services Limited has powerful project delivery systems and the depth of resources to provide excellent services to your organization.

We continuously seek innovative means to improve our processes and increase our capabilities. Our strategy is to deliver safe, top quality services (on time) in line with global standards. We are committed to increasing local capacities through skills’ development and the transfer of technology.

Partnering with you for
Optimum results

SERVIQ Energy offers you construction/fabrication, procurement, operations and maintenance services for your oil, gas, power and other projects.

SERVIQ Energy’s solutions are designed to enhance your operations.

We work closely with you to customize solutions for your needs, whilst aligning with your schedule and ROI expectations.

We are committed to delivering tremendous value on every single project.

The SERVIQ Energy team is fantastic; this is the secret to our ongoing success. Our people have the necessary training, qualifications, and project experience. Together we have and continue to deliver excellently on projects.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s top choice for excellent products and service delivery.

Our Mission

To provide superior solutions that; exceed clients’ expectations, make our employees proud, and provide long term returns to our investors.

Our Core Values

  • Passion: We are enthusiastic about what we do.
  • Respect for others: We have due regards for the feeling and wishes of others
  • Integrity: We have strong moral principles.
  • Team work: We collaborate to achieve a common aim.
  • Excellence: We always strive to be extremely good; we love brilliance!
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